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  • July 30, 2018

Wanted: Area Manager Polokwane

Wanted: Area Manager Polokwane

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JOB TITLE:          Area Manager

SECTION:             Hollard BIAB

REPORTS TO:    Directors



Cover Direct is a licensed financial Services provider (FSP 46250) was founded in 2012 by two directors who have grown the business from a 2-man operation to a business that operates in 2-provinces in South Africa.  We offer specialized Contact Centre Services and High Impact Field Marketing strategies selling life insurance products.



The purpose of the Area Manager is to manage a team of Branch staff which includes Branch Leaders, Branch Consultants, Branch Support Agents and Support Staff by ensuring the team as a whole are achieving the targets set out for them. The Area Manager will manage productivity including performance and ensure compliance in line within the Branch Network from Fais to Consumer Compliance. Further to this, the Area Manager ensures staff are effective and efficient in the roles they fulfill.
Area managers have overall responsibility for a number of Branches in an allocated area and will be responsible for the smooth running of the allocated Branches and its staff, always working closely with Management, Hollard clients and all important areas of the Business. Cover Direct has grown exponentially over the past five years. It is the strategic aim of senior management to continue this growth and further expand within SA. The expansion can be a fluid process only if the existing operations are well managed at a granular level. As such, the Area Manager role is viewed as pivotal to facilitating the growth of Cover Direct Hollard Branches.
Over and above this, the Area Manager position is the first line of management with the Branch staff and will prove instrumental in ensuring that communication between Branch staff and management takes place effectively. The motivation of the workforce rests with the Area Manager. Cover Direct will be looking for a talented Area Manager to assign and direct all work performed in the Branches and to supervise all areas of Branch operations. You will manage staff, foster a positive environment and ensure customer satisfaction and seamless Branch operations takes place effectively. The successful candidate will have a hands-on approach and will be committed to the expansion and success of the business by implementing strategies that increase productivity, performance and enable sales targets achievement



  • Reports to the Directors
  • works with a team of 30 to 40 Branch staff, which includes:
    • Working closely with a dedicated Team of Branch Consultants
    • Branch Support Agents
    • Branch Leader
    • Quality Assessor
    • Recruitment and Training Officer
    • MIS Analyst
    • IT
    • Field staff and Field Manager per allocated Branch
  • The Area Manager is also required to work closely with Human Resources, Payroll and Finance, Training, Compliance Officer and KI, Information Technology and Field Marketing Division.



  • Direct all operational aspects including distribution, operations, customer service, human resources, administration and sales.
  • Assess local market conditions and identify current and prospective sales opportunities.
  • Develop forecasts, financial objectives and business plans.
  • Meet goals and metrics (KPI & KRA)
  • Manage budget and allocate funds appropriately.
  • Bring out the best in Branch staff by providing training, coaching, development and motivation.
  • Locate areas of improvement and propose corrective actions that meet challenges and leverage growth opportunities.
  • Share knowledge with other branches and Head Office on effective practices, competitive intelligence, business opportunities and needs.
  • Address customer and employee satisfaction issues promptly.
  • Adhere to high ethical standards, and comply with all regulations and applicable laws.
  • Network to improve the presence, drive performance and good reputation of the Branch Network including Cover Direct and its clients.
  •  Responsible to drive area sales and profit plans to budget through successful leadership, organisational plans, customer service, and outstanding execution of all in branch and field operations strategies, consistently across all Branches.
  • Know and manage the business by effectively using sales reports, assessing departmental results, and developing specific actions directly related to business development and growth, consistently across all Branches.
  • Lead and direct the development of department level sales goals and action plans for Branch teams directly tied into measurable results timely and of consistent execution.
  • Know our customer by interacting with the customer at point of sale, observing shopping behaviour and staff/customer experience.
  • Responsible to ensure that all subordinates are current and up to date with product knowledge and related product market basket applications through a commitment to formalized training and development within prescribed timelines and standards
  • Accountable to ensure that trends of underperformance are formally addressed, with clear and documented performance improvement plans.
  • Funded Travel costs – driving to each Branch under your care or to meetings and marketing appointments with your own vehicle.
  • Setting Team sales target aligned to business targets.
  • Optimizing sales and maximizing profitability of each Branch under your care.
  • Providing your team with a stimulating and supportive environment.
  • Maintaining and increasing standards of customer service.
  • Driving team performance and conducting performance management sessions.
  • Controlling the training and progressive development of your staff
  • Developing sales strategies, marketing forecasts, financial objectives and business plans to meet Branch objectives.
  • Ensure all staff files are submitted to the Head Office for capturing on the payroll and FAIS Representative register filing system.
  • Ensure first premium collections history is communicated to each staff member under your care before pay date, together with the circulation of daily commission statements for branch; branch support and field agents. Branch staff commission statements should also include claims; policy maintenance and capturing fee commission included.
  • Maintain and manage profit margins for each Branch, drive down costs.
  • Grow each Branches inforce book with targets being driven by business and managed monthly.
  • Drive marketing of Group schemes, Life products, Persal and upfront collections aligned to Business targets.
  • Conduct research and due diligence by contacting and setting up appointment with prospective leads from the private and public sector which includes residential, commercial, agricultural, mining, retail, industrial, health and municipal segments, to solicit business from within each Branches vicinity and surrounding areas.
  • To draw Agent performance data (sales, sales quality, productivity, 1st Premium collection history etc.) capture into commission sheets for calculation of monthly commissions, and submit to payroll.
  • Project Izandla targets to be carried out to at least 50% of claims to drive leads and create brand awareness.



  • To ensure that the Branch Staff clearly understand and therefore meet at minimum or exceed Hollard and Cover Direct requirements and expectations. Branch staff to have documented targets driven by business through monthly target sheets.
  • To foster a high-performance sales culture within the Area of control.
  • To identify and manage Branch and individual performance to ensure consistent performance outputs that meet or exceed the defined targets as set in the Consultants’ Individual Performance Contract which will be under development.
  • To identify and report on any significant performances issues and implement a plan to resolve and to maintain the Branch staff and call efficiency.
  • To performance-manage Consultants, initially offering coaching, mentoring and development, thereafter work performance counseling.
  • To develop and build relationships with the Consultants, Branch Leaders and Managers in a manner that is conducive to a high performance sales culture.
  • To ensure that the Branch staff have access to work tools and technical equipment, software, stationery, marketing material, transport and human resources required to operate efficiently.
  • To prepare Branch staff for an ever-changing environment within the Branch and ensure complacency and a sense of entitlement does not set in.
  • To manage resource capacity and recruit Branch staff as required to address Hollard campaign demand.
  • To manage the scheduling of work and day off rosters, marketing schedules including Project Izandla allocations and remotely monitoring these activities.
  • To listen to a random selection of confirmation calls and provide staff with on-the-job coaching, mentoring to address skills and knowledge gaps and to plan for future development needs.
  • To hold hourly/daily/weekly/monthly meetings with individual Branch Staff to discuss performance and document these sessions.
  • Overall, to strike a balance between prioritizing the business requirements and the Branch team’s morale



  • To liaise with the Head Office and Hollard to ensure that deliverables are being met according to the SLAs and to ensure that communication is maximised.
  • To assist Branch staff with escalated client queries to ensure these are resolved effectively.
  • To conduct problem solving, dispute-handling and provide feedback to Senior Management and Hollard as required.
  • To actively monitor QA scores for Consultants and initiate interventions such as coaching, training, group call evaluations to address under-performance.



  • To apply business rules and processes as defined in operational protocols.
  • To oversee staff roster and schedule for structured breaks, lunches and late shifts.
  • To report issues with Head Office (e.g. equipment, desks, chairs and technology, desktop, network, telephony and business applications) to support environments, follow-up to ensure resolution, and record down times.
  • To extract hourly, daily and monthly reports for internal operational measurements, such as individual call statistics, log on/off times and active times.
  • To conduct trend and exception analysis of hourly, daily, weekly and monthly performance data.



Technical – usage of capture and telephony systems.

  • Campaign Management applications – MIP
  • Telephony applications – Avaya
  • Technical systems and FTP’s
  • Point of sale systems – card systems

Work experience

  • Experience in implementing marketing strategies and selling Insurance products.
  • Working knowledge of MS Windows, MS Office, and other Windows-based applications.
  • Fluency in English and any other South African language.
  • In-depth sales knowledge.
  • Client services knowledge.
  • Sound knowledge of People Management.
  • Minimum 12 months experienced as a Branch Leader
  • Fit and Proper
  • Not de-barred on FSB Representative Register
  • No criminal records.
  • Thorough understanding and experience in Industrial Relations practices including performance counseling, discipline management and conducting hearings.
  • Thorough knowledge and experience in coaching and sound understanding of Hollard Customer Care structures.



  • Ensure that Branch staff achieve all targets set.
  • Identify Branch staff not achieving target and begin performance management process.
  • Identify Branch staff requiring warnings for non-performance and send list to Directors and HR.
  • Receive warnings from HR and issue to Branch staff i.e. 1st Written, 2nd Written, Final Written. Dismissals will be done by HR.



  • Ensure that Reward & Recognition takes place in the Branch.
  • Ensure that Incentive programs are implemented and managed for the Branch teams.
  • Ensure that all team members are aware of the current incentive programs.



  • Conduct meetings with Branch staff going over performance and targets for the cycle.
  • Ensure that BL presence is noticed in the Branch.
  • Review previous day’s/week’s performance and identify outliers on team.
  • One-on-one meeting with Branch staff on a weekly basis to discuss topics related to performance and initiatives, consistency and professional leadership development within team.
  • Plan and produce a weekly agenda for Briefs with Action Plans.



  • Conduct weekly calibration sessions with dedicated QA resource.
  • Liaise with QA resource on quality trends and observations.
  • Ensure interactions are taking place between QA resource and Branch staff and that they are appropriately documented in Branch staff files.
  • Ensure that all Quality targets are met.



Ensure that Branch staff attend the training programs as set out by Hollard and Cover Direct Training Departments, driving one refresher session per month on product and the system.



  • Ensure that absenteeism and attrition numbers are captured daily and fed back to the HR.
  • Analyze Branch Staff productivity and ensure productivity targets are met.
  • Review reports to identify trends and performance issues that require attention and action
  • Ensure the payroll name list is done correctly. No reduced targets to be inserted prior to obtaining the approval.
  • Red Agent Management
    • Ensure quality business is acquired in order to reduce NTU’s.
    • Monitor NTU reports and address Month 1 NTU’s.



  • Ensure that a suitable candidate(s) is identified to cover the team if the Branch Leader is not present.
  • Transfer skills and knowledge regarding the role to the candidate(s).



  • Identify any systems issues on Branch and escalate to Hollards IT by logging a call and notifying Head Office by means of the existing Whatsapp group.
  • Follow up on IT issues until resolved.



  • Tally daily absenteeism numbers and feedback to HR.
  • Obtain leave forms from Branch staff returning to work after absence.
  • Call all doctors to verify authenticity of sick notes.
  • Inform the HR of Branch Staff requiring warnings for absence.
  • Collect warnings from HR for absence if 1st Written, 2nd Written, Final. Dismissals will be done by HR.
  • Monitor attrition trends and feedback to the Business.
  • Ensure that Branch Staff comply with the Code of Conduct.
  • Ensure Site policy and procedure guidelines are reinforced.
  • Review and recommend disciplinary action and attend disciplinary sessions as appropriate.



  • Motivate Branch staff by conducting at least one motivation session per branch visit.
    • Address performance gaps
    • Share learnings and experience
    • Recognize and reward good performance



  • Achieving 250 sales per Branch per month.
  • Achieving 60% successful 1st premium collections on both Branch and Field sales combined.
  • Growing the Inforce Book by 150 policies per month per Branch.
  • Growing the profit margin of each Branch by 2 % monthly.
  • Signing up one group schemes per month with a minimum of twenty clients per group.
  • Signing up Twenty (20) Persal policies per month.
  • Implementing Marketing Strategies and overseeing the Roll out of such activations.
  • Ensuring all allocated workflows completed within SLAs for each Branch.
  • All walk in and allocated claims completed within SLAs for each Branch.
  • Reporting and Feedback emails to Business.
  • Managing expenses and driving down costs.
  • Staff Retention – Reducing staff attrition.

Targets for the above will be communicated on an ongoing basis as these vary depending on the business requirements.



  • Completed Reports
  • Tracked and reported Branch Performance
  • Trained Branch Team
  • Supported Branch Team
  • Planned and executed performance monitoring meetings
  • Quality Monitored Team
  • Planned and executed one-on-ones with Branch staff
  • Conducted and attended weekly Calibration sessions with QA
  • Monitored and executed company concepts, philosophies and techniques
  • Facilitated and validated certification progress within the Branch Team



  • External recruits require 12 – 18 months managing and motivating a dedicated team of Branch staff and Branches within a demarcated area.
  • Proven experience of continuous performance management of a team
  • Experience in reading and interpreting reports
  • Working knowledge of MS Office
  • Experience in implementing marketing strategies and selling Insurance products.
  • Working knowledge of MS Windows, MS Office, and other Windows-based applications.
  • Fluency in English and any other South African language.
  • In-depth sales knowledge.
  • Client services knowledge.
  • Sound knowledge of People Management.
  • Internal recruit – Minimum 12 months experienced as a Branch Leader.
  • Not de-barred on FSB Representative Register.
  • No criminal record.
  • Fit and Proper.
  • Thorough understanding and experience in Industrial Relations practices including performance counselling, Discipline management and conducting hearings.
  • Thorough knowledge and experience in coaching and sound understanding of Hollard Customer Care structures.
  • Analytical skills.



  • Minimum Matric
  • Fais accreditation (minimum required credits)
  • Regulatory Examinations (RE1 and RE5)



Co-ordination and Control

Uses control measures, which will ensure that tasks are allocated, actioned and checked against standards; problems resolved in a timely manner with the desired result.


Problem Analysis & Problem Solving

Analyzing and interpreting information; making deductions and predications based on fact. Identifying and prioritizing the options available. Proposing solutions, which reflect the overall interests of the company.


Verbal & Written Communication

Is able to speak clearly, confidently and understandably in order to discuss issues for clarification and explanation; able to answer queries in a concise manner; ability to liaise at all levels; inform and advise others. Ability to produce written communications and procedures, which are, clear, fluent, concise and readily understood by recipients/s.


Drive and Goal Orientation

Demonstrates strong self-belief and personal commitment to goals; holds and articulates a view and a vision of ones own contribution to the overall success of the company. Strives to improve or meet a standard of excellence. Aligns with the goals of the company. Sets own challenging goals and takes calculated risks.

Demonstrates high levels of consistent self-motivation.


Dealing with Pressure

Maintains personal effectiveness and consistency of performance when working under personal and / or work related pressure / stress.





Able to present strengths/benefits/opportunities in an appealing manner; puts forward logical solutions to objections in a convincing and persuasive manner; inspires interest; able to adapt style to suit individual needs.


Team Leading and Developing

Ability to act as a trusted counselor or teacher. Giving constructive feedback and practical guidance on how to better performance. Ability to influence the behavior of others toward a specific/positive outcome. Do not indulge with your agents to create an environment that is not conducive to the business. Ensure they respect you for your role and you respect them as our employees.


People Skills

Establishing and maintaining good relationships with colleagues, immediate manager and reportees; helping to minimize interpersonal conflict; Implementing disciplinary and grievance procedures; Counseling staff as appropriate.


Live Company Values

  • Trust & Integrity
  • Client Centric & Service Minded
  • Fun
  • Teamwork and Respect
  • Diversity & Innovation
  • Professional, Disciplined & Focused
  • Fairness and Transparency
  • Appreciation & Recognition
  • Productivity & Win-Win


If you fit the bill and would like to apply, please send your CV together with all relevant supporting documents to careers@coverdirect.co.za

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